RV Mekong Prestige Cruise

. Saigon - Cai be - Cao Lanh - Chau Doc - Phnom Penh - Siem Reap or vv

The RV Mekong Prestige Cruise the newest Mekong River Cruise, features a main restaurant which serves Asian and Western. TRIPADVISOR REVIEWS

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RV Mekong Prestige Cruise Special Offer


Tour Price/person 

Saigon - Siem Reap or vv - 8 day:  from US$2150/person

Please book the tour or contact us @ info@luxurymekongcruisers.com for best available rate and departures of the RV Mekong Prestige Cruise


RV Mekong Prestige Cruise's Facts and figures

  • Length: 65.6m
  • Width: 12.5m
  • Depth: 1.8m
  • Free Board: 1.5m
  • Air Draft: 9.65m
  • Engines: 2 x 700 h/p (Yanmar)
  • Generator: 2 x 320 Kva Cat (USA)
  • Crew: 30 (International)
  • Passenger cabins: 32
  • Passenger berths: 64
  • Registry: VIRES S1
  • Home port: Saigon
  • Build in Vietnam: 2014
  • Ship Design: Colonial
  • Interior Design: Boutique

RV Mekong Prestige Cruise Overview

RV Mekong Prestige Cruise Air conditionning:
Cabins, restaurant and bar are air-conditioned. Inside the cabins, the system is controllable and adjustable. You are kindly requested to lower its position when leaving the cabin.

RV Mekong Prestige Cruise's Bouticque/ Shop
A shop is available, offering a wide range of basic items and souvenirs from Vietnamese and Cambodian handicrafted villages on the Mekong river bank. RV Mekong Prestige Cruise does support to local communites by buying their product to sell on the shop, and mainly profit goes back to local people.
RV Mekong Prestige Cruise's Bubble Bath Pool
You can enjoy wonderful bubble pool during cruising on the Mighty Mekong River or after interesting excursion day. It is located on the Sun Deck.
RV Mekong Prestige Cruise's Communication & Internet
Laptops & cell phones run on virtually the entire route but overseas communications are very expensive. In case of emergency, it’d be possible to use the cell phone of the ship.
WIFI is available on board, in the main lounge.
RV Mekong Prestige Cruise's Daily Excursions
A program of the events on board is produced daily and delivered to the cabin. Every evening you will find a personal copy of the next day’s programme in you cabin. For your convenience, it is also posted on the bulletin board at the Reception desk.
RV Mekong Prestige Cruise's Dining
Breakfast & Lunch are served on buffet with local Vietnamese & Cambodian food and Asian fusion cuisine . Dinner is served in a one sitting service and you can enjoy free local bear or wine. The gourmet food menu is changed everyday, so you can enjoy really 5 star food with RV RV Mekong Prestige Cruise
Dress Code on RV Mekong Prestige Cruise
Dress code is informal. We advise you to bring cotton garments comfortable and practical. Do not forget wool jacket, waterproof light, walking shoes for excursions, bathing suit, sunglasses and sun hat and sunscreen products.
Food & Drink on RV Mekong Prestige Cruise
On the boat, mineral water, non-alcoholic drinks (except fresh juices and cocktails), local beer, tea and coffee are included in the price of your trip and available at discretion at the restaurant, bar and lounge, the local wine is also included at lunch and dinner on the boat. All other drinks are at your expense.
RV Mekong Prestige Cruise's Electricity
All outlets are 220 V. The outlet in your bathroom is convertible to 110 V and is to be used for electric shavers only. A converter and an adapter are needed for all other 110 V appliances used in your cabin.
RV Mekong Prestige Cruise's Fitness Facilities
A gym is located near the Indoor bar Lounge and the use of this facility is free of charge that you can enjoy it like 5 star floating hotel on the Mekong River.
RV Mekong Prestige Cruise Health & Vaccination
No vaccinations are required. It is advisable to follow an anti-malaria treatment. Please contact your own GP or Doctor for the prescription.
There is no Doctor on board. However, in case of emergency, local medical stations are within reach on landNo vaccination is required.
RV Mekong Prestige Cruise Language
English & German are official language on board. and daily excursions with English speaking guide in each destionations are mentioned in the tour program.
Laundry services on RV Mekong Prestige Cruise
A regular on board laundry service is available to passengers and a price list and laundry bag have been placed in each cabin. If you wish to use this service, please place items in the laundry bag provided and leave them in your cabin. They will be picked up by your cabin steward (ess) and returned the next day
RV Mekong Prestige Cruise's Massage and Spa
Two massage salons are available at Sun Deck (extra services). Please contact the reception to book these services. That is highlight on our cruise, you can pamper your self with luxurious massage and spa onboard, that is best ideal after the interesting excursions day.
Money Matters on RV Mekong Prestige Cruise
The currency used on board is the USD ($). The Vietnamese Dong is also accepted. The Purser will be happy to give you any exchange rate information you may need. You are advised to bring with you notes in small denomination. Credit cards are also taken on board (Visa & MasterCard). All on-board expenses will be charged to your shipboard account and settled at the end of the cruise (in USD or Credit card).
RV Mekong Prestige Cruise's Reception Desk
Located on the Upper Deck, the Reception Desk is open 24 hours a day
RV Mekong Prestige Cruise's Smoking Policy
For the safety and comfort of our passengers, all enclosed public areas as well as cabins, are strictly non-smoking. Smoking is only possible on Sun Deck.
RV Mekong Prestige Cruise Time Difference
Cambodia & Vietnam Standard Time Zone is: UTC/GMT + 7 hours

Behavior on RV Mekong Prestige Cruise

Bridge policy / No go areas
Clearly indicated as “crew only”, please do not enter “No go” areas or the bridge without the permission of the cruise direc-tor. We operate an open bridge policy but ask that you be considerate to the ship’s officers’ duties.
Flip flops are provided for your comfort. When on-shore, guests should use comfortable non-slippery footwear. During cer-tain seasons, the river banks and paths can be muddy. Thus, we request that you take off your footwear when returning on board so that we can clean your shoes and return them later.
River Disturbance
Due to heavy winds, especially on the Tonle lake, the ship can be a bit rocky. Please remain calm. The ship is very secure and the worst that could happen is that you will suffer from sea-sickness.
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