1. How do I make a booking/reservation?

How to make a booking/reservation?
Making a reservation or booking is very easy. You check the tour you want to book on our site, click to the "Book this tour" bottom, then fill out all required information. And click the "submit" bottom. Once your booking request
have been successfully submited, our travel consultant will check the request and reply you then.
Please ensure that the information provided is correct, specially the email address and phone number so that we can contact with you to process the booking.
You can also book the tour just by sending us an email to the address: info@luxurymekongcruisers.com with details of the tour that you want to book.
Any bookings/requests should be promptly replied within 4 hours (working time). Please check your junk mail or contact us in case you do not receive reply
during the time frame.
Note*: if you have any special request, please let us know in details. This helps us to better consult/serve you.

2. How to check the price of a tour?

Price of tours and all services varies and depends on many aspects as the group size, the selected hotels, date of departure and special requests. Please make your reservation/booking, our travel consultant will check and send you most
updated price including promotion if any.

3. What’s the booking process?

1. Making the booking/reservation
Submit your booking/reservation. Our staff will check and reply you then. See how to make a booking/reservation here.
2. Confirm and availability:
Soon after receiving your booking request, our travel consultant will check the availability of services. If the services are available, our consultant will send you an confirmation email with payment details, otherwise we will give you
some alternative suggestions. Notice: our email may go to your spam mailbox, please check your spam mailbox if you don’t receive our response in one working day.
3. Deposit:
We will not required deposit or any payment till receiving confirmation from our partners.
We will need to guarantee the booking so deposit/full payment (depending on booking services/tours) is required. Payment can be made through any of our accepted methods or in cash (depending on services/tours).
4. Final payment and enjoy our services
The full payment must be made before your departure date. The exact deadline will be confirmed by our travel consultant depending on each service you booked.
The remaining balance can be paid by Cash (VND, USD, AUD, EUR) or by credit card. For the customers who’re going to stay in Hanoi, we’re able to setup a direct meeting to collect the final payment.

4. How do I pay Indochina Treks Travel?

You can easily pay us through one of the following methods:
1. Bank transfer
2. Western Union
3. Credit card (via Onepay)
4. MoneyGram
5. Paypal
Note*: transfer fees or any kind of fees to settle the payment must be paid at your ends.

5. Do I need to send credit card details?

No, we will not need your credit card details. You will need to provide us personal information to create a payment link for credit card. You will send fill out detials to settle the payments.

6. Do I need to pay the deposit?

Yes, you will need to pay deposit. Standard deposit of 30% is required to guarantee the booking. We will not require deposit till receiving confirmation from our suppliers that is your booking is confirmed before setting the deposit.

7. When I have to pay the remaining balance?

The full payment will be made before your departure date. Exact deadline, which will be confirmed by our travel consultant, depends on each service you booked.
The remaining balance could be paid in Cash (VND, USD), Credit Card (Visa, Master…), bank transfers, Western Union, MoneyGram.